The Rating Systems of IIHS and NHTSA

If you've ever looked for a new vehicle with certain safety standards, you know that there are a couple of organizations that do vehicle safety ratings. If you're looking for a vehicle, it's worthwhile to know the differences between the two main rating organizations. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration both test various vehicles for their safety, but at Wine Automotive in Chesapeake, VA, we want you to know more about their rating systems.

The IIHS is funded by insurance companies and gives one of four ratings: good, acceptable, marginal, and poor. Good is the best rating that a vehicle can receive from the IIHS.

The NHTSA is run by the federal government and uses a system of stars. If a vehicle receives only one star for its crash rating, the safety of a vehicle in a crash is considered to be poor. If a vehicle receives five stars, the safety is considered to be good.

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