How to Prevent Auto Damage from Rodents

Here at Wine Automotive, we have heard countless stories about rats, mice, and other rodents causing damage under the hood. They can chew hoses, wiring, and plenty of other important parts, leaving our customers in need of a newer vehicle. There are a few ways to prevent this damage.

One of the best things that you can do to prevent rodents is to use rodent-deterrent tape. This is a type of electrical tape that has been treated with capsaicin. The tape can be applied to rubber hoses and electrical wires so that, if rodents do get near your vehicle, they won’t be tempted to eat through critical components.

You will also want to consider installing metal mesh. The mesh can go around rubber hoses, wiring harnesses, and any other opening that would allow a rodent into an intake or ventilation system. The make and model that you have will determine where you should be applying the mesh.



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