Tire Air Pressure and Traction Loss

Here at Wine Automotive, we believe in offering our clients and others information about how to stay safer on the roads. One safety issue that causes many accidents is known as tire traction loss.

Maintaining traction is key to maintaining control and thus safety. Unfortunately, many drivers experience partial or complete loss of traction under specific road conditions. While driver error can be a cause of such traction loss, another common culprit is known as oversteer and understeer. Oversteer and understeer occurs when either the front pair or rear pair of tires lose traction with the roadways. While speed and driver skill can be factors in the onset of these conditions, another common cause of traction loss is poorly inflated tires.

Tires that are either over or underinflated can lose a degree of structural integrity as well as losing the ability to grip roads. Tires in such condition can be easily coaxed into over/understeer conditions, and thus drivers must do their utmost to prevent such conditions from prevailing. To rectify these issues, drivers should make sure that their tires are always pressurized to recommended levels. Drivers who do find themselves in understeer situations should first let off the gas and allow the front wheels to roll freely until directional control is regained. Driver suffering from overseer issues should also let off the gas, but should then turn the steering wheel gently in the direction of the skid to regain full operational control.



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