Save Money on Winter Tires by Using Them Properly

At Wine Automotive, we know that winter tires carry a price tag that makes some Chesapeake drivers uneasy. We urge you to resist driving on them beyond winter. You will actually save money by owning winter and summer tires.

Tire manufacturers developed winter tires to combat slick, cold roads. While winter-tire models inhabit a spectrum, they all feature tailored, ice-gripping treads and deep, slush-dispersing grooves. Additionally, modern winter tires' rubber formulas become stickier as the mercury drops. Those aspects may tame winter conditions, but they are outmatched by summer roadways. Sun-scorched pavement quickly deteriorates winter tires' flexible rubber. Also, your soft winter tires will respond sloppily to curves and rain puddles in summer.

Further, you will burn through your winter tires by using them all year. While buying one set of tires for winter and another for summer may sound expensive, using only winter tires costs more over several years. Always use the appropriate tires for the season.



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