Apple CarPlay: A Smart Way to Use Your iPhone

At Wine Automotive, many of our Chesapeake, VA customers with iPhones are interested in models that support Apple CarPlay. This is an advanced technology system that provides iPhone users with hands=free capability and much more.

CarPlay allows you to use Apple Maps, which can predict your destination based on contacts, calendars, text messages, and emails that are stored in your phone. If you'd prefer to use a third-party app, Apple CarPlay supports a number of navigation apps that include Google Maps and Waze. Other than navigation apps, CarPlay supports other apps on your phone, which include audio and voice apps. You can even personalize the dashboard so that your apps appear just as they are on your iPhone.

If you need to check your voicemail or make a phone call when you're behind the wheel, Apple CarPlay has you covered. You can make calls and send text messages with ease thanks to Apple CarPlay. You can even listen to audio messages with your car's speakers.

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