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Accepting Nominations- Car Giveaway

Wine Automotive's vehicle donations program is still running strong. Since starting our program in fall of 2018, we have given away a total of four vehicles to deserving individuals. 

We will continue giving away one vehicle per month to a person or family truly in need with a powerful story to tell. From military families who deal with overseas commitments and lasting separations to struggling college students in debt and the sacrifices of single parents, our team wants to help those in need get one step closer to achieving their aspirational goals and inspirational dreams.

This is our unique…
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Wine's Christmas Gift To Community

With over 400 nominations received for the month of December to say it was an eye opening experience for Wine Automotive would be an understatement. When Wine started the giveaway in November of 2018, they knew there was a huge need in the local community for people needing assistance with transportation. It wasn't until the nominations  started rolling in that Wine  realized just how many people in our local community are going without. 

Trying to select a recipient for the December giveaway was really tough for owner, Jeff Wine. After narrowing the nominations down to four, it was down…
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Wine Automotive Cares

Helping Those in Need with One Free Car Giveaway Every Month!

While it's easy to take for granted, daily transportation is not a given for some. As the holiday season approaches and winter weather factors in, this situation can become dire and a source of major stress for those in need. So how can we help?

Wine Automotive's vehicle donation, running through the holiday months and beyond, attempts to tackle this issue and give back in a profound manner. We will give away one vehicle per month to a person or family truly in need with a powerful…

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